Over the last 18 months, we have been thrilled to bring quality, forward-thinking contemporary art exhibitions and events to Ogden. You can review them at

We're glad to be a part of #Ogden, and to have added to the cultural and artistic richness here. Recently, we've garnered a great deal of press - we're getting noticed! We have a whole slew of fantastic programming in mind for 2015 (do you have a great idea for a show, let us know!). Our potential concepts include "Thrifty", "It's only Money", a Photo & Film Festival, a Utah Open, a reprise of the Guerrilla Truck Fair and more!

We've filed for a non-profit status, which will facilitate grants to help with this ambitious calendar, but until that happens, we need YOUR help to keep us going. If you are able, please join your friends in supporting our efforts by choosing one of the options below.
Larger individual and foundation donations and corporate underwriting are also welcomed, please email us.

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